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Journal of Advanced Scientific Research
ISSN : 0976-9595
May 2016 issue released
Issue for Nov 2015- Jan 2016 is released online. p
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IC value of JASR is 5.09
Flame Sterilization
Media flame sterilization is a frequent application for.........
In the overall glycolytic process, one molecule
Human Biology
Learning the basics of human biology can be a complicated process. However...
Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering' or genetic manipulation as it should properly be called, relies essentially on.........
Vitamins were discovered by Dutch physician.........
Quality Control
Quality control involves the examination of a product.......
Organic Chemistry
An Introduction
IUPAC nomenclature
The IUPAC nomenclature of organic chemistry is a systematic method of naming organic chemical compounds as...........
Introduction to Isomers
Determination of Molecular Weight
Determination of Molecular Weight and Molecular Weight Distribution....
Concept of Quality
Quality means, products or services made as per customers requirements......
Anxiolytic & Sedatives
A sedative is a drug that reduces a person's response..........
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