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Journal of Advanced Scientific Research
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May 2016 issue released
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Review articles
Technology Transfer: A New Buzz Word in Pharmaceutical Industry
Amrita K*, Pullam Raju K, Shrikhande S, Prudhvi R P, Biswas U. K, Bajaj A
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Development of Anaerobic Reactor for Industrial Wastewater Treatment: An Overview, Present Stage and Future Prospects
Siti Roshayu Hassan*, Haider M. Zwain and Irvan Dahlan
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Research articles
Sociodemographic Factors Associated With Blood Pressure and Serum Lipids in Healthy Indians
Siji Mathew*, T.M. Chary
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Nonlinear Dynamics of the Chaotic Nanostructures and Nanosystems: Quantum Mechanical Approach of Noise Assisted Transport Phenomena In N-Dimensional Bis Manifold
D. Kumar, T.Dutta, M.M. Bajaj, S. Singh
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Characterization of Free Fatty Acids Contents of Sudanese White Cheese during Storage
Enass Abdelaziz Omer Abdelaziz*, Omer Ibrahim Ahmed Hamid
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Effect of Different Levels of Sodium Thiocyanate and Percarbonate for Activation of Lactoperoxidase on the Keeping Quality of Raw Milk
Omer Ibrahim Ahmed Hamid*, Zawahir Abuel Basher Musa
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Thermodynamic Studies of Rare Earth Metal Complexes with Metformin Hydrochloride Drug in Mixed Solvent System
S.V.Thakur, Mazahar Farooqui, S.D. Naikwade
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Urinary Citrate excretion in patients with Urolithiasis
Seema L. Jawalekar*, Vasant T. Surve, Anil Bhutey
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Awareness on Type II Diabetes and Its Complication among Sivaganga District Population in Tamilnadu: A Cross Section Survey
Devi Kasinathan, Nisha Rajagopalan Girijakumari, Prabhu Narayanan Marimuthu*, Manikandan Ramar, Karthikeyan Muthusamy
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Quality Evaluation and Standardization of An Ayurvedic Formulation Bilvadileha: A Bioanalytical Approach
Sunita Shailajan*, Shrutika Chunekar, Harshada Hande, Archana Matani, Gauri Swar, Bhavesh Tiwari
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Analysis of Vanillin In Food Products By High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography
Krishna veni N*, Meyyanathan S N, Akilesh Reddy Aduri, Sompura Sagar Alkeshbhai, Elango K
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