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Amandeep Sharma
Girija Kumari
Vikram Singh


The treatment regimen for breast cancer depends upon the sub-type of breast cancer which is basically divided into three types; luminal A, luminal B and Triple-negative breast cancer. Chemotherapy and surgery being the conventional therapy for treating all types of cancer although effective, has limitations leading to the drug resistance and recurrence of the disease, therefore studies are conducted to discover the specific targets to kill the cancer cells without harming other cells and with much effort drugs are developed against targets such as estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors, and HER2 receptors to treat the luminal A and Luminal B subtype of breast cancer, use of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors has also been validated, the effectiveness of CDK4/6 inhibitors in treating the luminal A breast cancer has been conducted with significant results. Among the different subtypes of cancer, TNBCs are the most difficult to treat due to lack of HR receptors and HER2 receptors, they are the most invasive types of breast cancer and leave only chemotherapy and surgery as the treatment but, recent studies have tried to evaluate the effectiveness of PARP inhibitors, EGFR inhibitors to treat cancer with a good result. In this review paper, an effort has been made to document different novel therapies for the treatment of the three subtypes of breast cancer with the clinical trial data to assess the effectiveness of different drugs in combination with other drugs and to find out the possible way for drug resistance and recurrence of cancer.


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Sharma, A., Kumari, G., & Singh, V. (2022). ADVANCES AND NOVEL THERAPIES FOR THE TREATMENT OF DIFFERENT SUBTYPESOF BREAST CANCER. Journal of Advanced Scientific Research, 13(03), 13-20.
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