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Komal Pramod Sathe
Neha Sunil Garud
Vilas Balasaheb Bangar
Namrata Ramesh Gadakh


Recently, the drugs in nanometer size range have found to increase the performance of various dosage forms. Quantum dots (QDs) have gained attention and interest of scientists due to their targeting and imaging potential in nano based drug delivery, in pharmaceutical and biomedical (cell biology) applications. They are artificial semiconductor nanocrystals that have tunable and efficient photo luminescence with narrow emission spectra and high light stability making them excellent probes for bioimaging applications. QDs absorb white light and can produce different colors determined by the size of the particles and band Gap. Nowadays, quantum dots are used for labeling live biological material in vitro and in vivo in animals (other than humans) for research purposes and also useful for immunoassay studies. In the present article, we have discussed various aspects of QDs, highlighting their pharmaceutical and biomedical applications and current challenges in introducing QDs into clinical practice.


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Sathe, K., Garud, N., Bangar, V., & Gadakh, N. (2022). A REVIEW ON QUANTUM DOTS (QDS). Journal of Advanced Scientific Research, 13(06), 23-27. https://doi.org/10.55218/JASR.202213603
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